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Padra Medical Center is part of Fakhraei Medical Group and is a branch of the long-established Padra Clinic. Based in Dubai, the Padra Medical Center is recognised as one of the largest and most respected hair transplant clinics in the region. Undertake a procedure at our center and you will receive treatment from renowned hair transplant professionals using the latest techniques, treatments and products.

Alongside hair transplants, our in-house doctor is also on hand to provide cosmetic injectable treatments and professional skin care solutions.

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Padra Medical Center – Offering the Latest Hair Transplant Treatments in Dubai

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For many, unwanted hair loss and baldness is an issue that can affect confidence and knock self-esteem. At the Padra Medical Center our hair transplantation, Platelet-rich plasma (Hair) therapies, and laser session procedures offer a solution to this problem. Such is the success of our treatments, we offer a lifetime warranty for all patients that undergo hair transplant surgery. 

Hair Transplant

As part of the hair transplant procedure our experts use the latest surgical techniquesREAD MORE


Hair Transplant for Women

Our hair transplants for women are perfect for any woman battling withunwanted hair loss.READ MORE


Eyebrow Transplant

Give your eyebrows a fuller and more shapely look through an eyebrow transplant.



Beard trasnplant

For those men who desire a stronger, more voluminous beardand moustache.READ MORE


Hair Treatment

A non-Surgical procedure, Hair therapy increases the density of your hair.



Cosmetic Procedures

Explore the range of cosmetic treatments that can be administered by our in-housedoctor.READ MORE


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As part of our hair transplant procedures we use the latest nano micro technology. This ensures hair is extracted and transferred without causing any shock to the patient, a common side-effect of other hair transplant techniques. For example, conventional procedures that require an incision in the scalp can actually damage hair or lead to abnormalities in the scalp itself.


Hair transplants administered using nano micro technology provide extremely strong success rates and natural results in a short period of time. Following the initial procedure additional sessions may be required to ensure the highest possible level of density but it will quickly become difficult to distinguish between natural and transplanted hair.