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Padra CEO Mr. Hadi Fakhraei and his team of top consultants and therapists provide all the latest beauty, skin care and hair treatments.

Padra DXB is part of Fakhraei Medical Group and a branch of the well-established Padra hair transplant center in Kuwait. having one of the biggest Facilities in the region for hair transplant, Padra give you the access to the best professional hair treatment and styling, the very latest top-end beauty treatments and products

in addition to our own in-house doctor for all your cosmetic injectable treatments and professional skin care.

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Become A regional Leader in hair transplant and beauty health sector using the latest most comfort technologies insuring patients a safe & result oriented medical treatment


We’re committed to change our patients lives professionally and honestly by restoring the confidence to all those suffering from beauty issues using the latest technologies

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Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.


It is extraction and transfer of the hair without causing any shock to the patient, which unfortunately is commonly used in other methods used in surgery and hair transplants. The new technology that we use is a method Nano Micro and the success is guaranty 100%, comparing to conventional methods in cutting the scalp, which may cause damage to the hair or events abnormalities in the scalp itself, this method gives natural results 100 % and it working to get the highest possible level of density and hair can be treated and Restoration by additional work sessions as needed in order to get the desired results in the shortest possible time as it becomes difficult to distinguish between it and natural hair.

Hair Transplant

This new, Nano Technology allows one's own hair to multiply instantly in never before seen perfection as if done by magic.


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Feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any enquiry, our doctors will receive your urgent calls.