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Best PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Are you battling hair loss from early age balding or a medical condition like alopecia? Have you tried multiple remedies with no actual results? Padra Medical Center brings the most advanced hair loss solutions in Dubai, UAE, including PRP and laser therapy for hair loss treatment to promote hair growth.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment is a simple and non-surgical procedure that has proven to be highly effective for people suffering from excess hair loss. The procedure involves extracting the patient’s PRP from his/her blood to repair the damaged hair, stimulate growth, and promote healthier and fuller tresses.

Our experts offer the best PRP hair treatment, which takes approximately 30 minutes per session. There has been a visible improvement in hair quality and growth in our clients in just a few months’ time. PRP has worked wonders for people looking for a fast, effective, and yet affordable alternative to long-term hair restoration procedures. It has shown ever better results in stimulating hair growth when paired with FUE hair transplant procedures and laser therapy as follow-up treatment. Worried about the procedure cost? We offer reasonable hair transplant cost in UAE, making our services accessible to all.

PRP Hair Loss Solution: How Does It Work?

Restore the natural shine and stimulate hair growth with best PRP hair treatment in Dubai. When a person suffering from hair loss issues reaches out to us for PRP treatment, here are the steps we follow-

  • Our experts draw blood from the patient, placing the sample into a centrifuge. It is then spun in the centrifuge at very high speeds until the enriched stem cells or platelets are separated from the blood and ready for extraction.

  • Once the plasma has been isolated, it is injected into certain areas of the scalp with major signs of hair loss. The healing and growth properties in the PRP help in the restoration and stimulation of damaged hair follicles, promoting growth.

  • The injections leave small amounts of plasma close to the hair follicles, inducing the growth factors and stem cells. The PRP hair loss solution, eventually produces superior-quality hair and accelerates overall hair growth, improving the quality and texture of the tresses. Our PRP treatment has proven to be quite effective, displaying outstanding results on our patients.

  • Our experienced and trained team of professionals at the Padra Clinic ensures that the procedure is done properly, with extreme care. They have years of experience in conducting this treatment, so you can rest assured that there will be hardly any pain caused during the treatment.

    Padra Clinic is the top rated hair transplant clinic with best reviews in Dubai, specializing in PRP hair loss treatment, which is considered a stand-alone hair restoration technique for even extreme hair loss cases.

    Feel free to reach out to our experts for consultation on our range of hair loss treatments


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