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Hair Transplant

Padra medical center offers hair transplants for men& Women in Dubai. We treat all types of hair loss at our clinic offering a personalized consultation to provide you with the treatment that would be the best solution for your hair loss.

The hair transplantation is very simple and safe. The transplanted hair grows permanently and naturally in the bald area. In hair transplant, healthy hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head and implanted in the hair-less part of the head, eyebrow, beard, and mustache areas. These new hairs will fall out and start regrowth after 3 months of transplantation and continue to grow permanently. With the ability to cut, shave, trim, dye, and color those newly transplanted hairs.


In Padra we use the Micro Follicular Unit Extraction (Micro FIT) technology to restore the beard and mustache, which is a very accurate method to target the monocular follicle and accurately transplant them to the beard and mustache taking into consideration the direction of the national hair growth, which should be done by a professional expert.

Padra Medical Center

Padra DXB is part of Fakhraei Medical Group and a branch of the well-established Padra hair transplant center in Kuwait. having one of the biggest Facilities in the region for hair transplant, Padra give you the access to the best professional hair treatment and styling, the very latest top-end beauty treatments and products

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Hair loss Solutions

When did you first notice it? If you’ve only just noticed your hair thinning, it’s important not to panic and consider all your options first. Getting a hair transplant is usually something people take a long time to think about.

Have you tried treatments? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. There are proven treatments available for tackling hair loss, and if they work well for you, you might have no reason to get a hair transplant.


Do hair transplants provide natural results? A big fear that a lot of people have about hair transplants is that they’ll look phony. This fear is unfounded, however, since modern transplant techniques are very refined and make use of individual hair follicles, providing extremely natural-looking results.

Eyebrow Restoration

  • Eyebrows are an important element in facial balance. They frame the eyes and lend expression to our emotional responses. Shaping the eyebrows is a simple matter of thinning excess volume for those with thick eyebrows.

Beard Transplant

  • Beard transplant have become very popular among guys in their 20s and 30s who are looking to enhance the appearance of their facial hair. Beard transplant works in a very similar way to hair transplants and can provide guys who are self-conscious about their facial hair with a much fuller and thicker beard.